Develpment in progress; there are still many more languages to add, as well as information about those languages and study links for them - please check back often! Thanks.

The following is information I have gleaned from many sources over the last twenty six years. "Parent" languages are to the left; "descendant" languages are indented to the right under the appropriate "parent" language. Other languages which were influential to the develpment of a language will be noted parenthetically.Please be aware that some of the oldest language names denote the geographic region where that language was spoken rather that what the speakers of the language called their language.

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This is a simplified diagram of the relationship of various modern and obsolete languages showing their development throughout history from various older languages, mostly now extinct. This does not include languages in the families known as Indo-European, Afro-Asiatic, Caucasian, American Indiginous, Sino-Tibetan, Andamanese, or Oceanic. (As I add pages for those language families I will place links to them above.)